In 1986 was developed aircraft engine AT-714 which is based on automobile engine cylinders from Tatra 613.
Since the beginning, the engine was intended for ultralight airplanes, especially XL-113.
Nowadays, the original engine is shown in the Tatra Museum of Technology in Kopřivnice.

Production of the engine moved from Kopřivnice to Prague, where Mr. Tomášek continued in development of the engine under name Alfa-Prag.
Since 2007 is development and production of the engine in our company, where we focus on keeping the engine up-to-date and enhancing its already good properties.
The engine with turbocharger has alternator by german company Silent-hektik.
The cylinder head screws are made from better materials and are embedded deeper into the engine block.
Following the design of the Mikron engines, the cylinders cooling was modified to improve cooling.
We began co-operation with Fly Henry company which is developing new alternator.

Spare parts are available from Trefil-Engine. So far, 10 atmospheric engines have been sold in their original Tatra configuration.
The other two fly under the designation Alfa Prag TP 422. One of them is located in the ultralight replica Piper L-4H aircraft Pterodactyl flight,
which is engaged in the production of aircraft from WWI to WWII. Turbine engines are installed on SkyLark and Samurai 01 aircraft.
Both engines can be seen at the LKZA airport in Dolní Benešov-Zábřeh.